United Video commenced trading with 3 stores in 1984, developing as a trading co-operative of 35 stores by 1989.

The United Group commenced formal franchising operations in 1989 and in 1993 United Video Franchising Limited was established to undertake the independent management of the United Group, then numbering 47 stores.

Through its ongoing policy of the development of profitable and quality stores the group had grown to 77 stores as of 30 September 2001.

The business was then sold to The Entertainers Limited on 18th September 2001 and continues to trade as United Video Franchising and has increased to 102 stores nationwide as of 31st October 2007.

United Video Franchising is solely New Zealand owned. We are proud of our New Zealand heritage and plan to keep it that way.

The founder of United Video Franchising is William McPartland, who, today, is still at the helm and lending his vast knowledge and experience to all who wish to join our group. With over 20 years experience, we are confident that our CEO is the man for the job.

The rest of our Head Office team adds up to over 50 years in the video industry. They have seen and experienced a lot of changes and started with United Video as Managers or Team Leaders at various United Video stores. We also have dedicated resouces in the growing fields of video gaming and new technologies. Again this shows the vast knowledge our office contains and is shared freely with our Franchisees.

United Video Wins 2008 GDE Gaming Rental Chain of the Year

Auckland, Monday 23rd March 2009 - Gamewizz Digital Entertainment is pleased to announce United Video as the Video Game Rental Chain of the Year.

With a huge range of exceptional titles and some amazing promotions, 2008 was the biggest gaming year in history and United Video supported gaming wholeheartedly in every store across the country.

Jeremy Scott, GDE Sales Manager: “United Video are doing an outstanding job for the rental customer. Breadth and depth of product ensures a good customer experience, this builds loyalty and in turn creates a flow through to larger basket spends. United Video have really accepted this customer and created a true point of difference in store with this category. A good rental experience in turn flows through to retail, as in these economic times Kiwi's like to try before they buy”

Ian Sewell, United Video Games Buyer: “United Video is delighted to win this award for consecutive years as New Zealand’s #1 games rental chain. All our stores understand the importance of videogames to our business and support them fully. As a group we strive to provide our customers with the best possible entertainment experience. Key supplier relationships such as the one we have with Gamewizz Digital Entertainment make the delivery of this experience possible.”

Gamewizz extends it’s appreciation to United Video for their continued excellent support and look forward to another 12 months of outstanding titles, great promotions and a growing industry

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